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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cool Sculpting Experience

Ok, so I spent a good part of Tuesday afternoon having my fat frozen. Yes I had my cool sculpting appointment. It was very strange but I think I dig it. We’ll have to wait and see the results first. Let me explain. The procedure is being done at my surgeons office by the nutritionist and receptionist there. What it is supposed to do, is freeze fat cells in a particular area, causing them to die. Then over a period of 2-4 months your body will naturally flush out the dead cells, leaving you with few fat cells in that part of your body. This is not intended for weight loss! This is intended for those areas with stubborn fat that diet and exercise don’t seem to touch. Now Momzilla did this with me and they were very honest with her during her consultation and suggested that if she wanted to see real results she might want to go the plastic surgery route. But she says she is a big chicken so want wanted a nonsurgical option to make her clothes fit a little better. They say you can lose 10-20% of the fat cells in the area you have the procedure on. But it isn’t going to make you drop a lot of weight. My mom and I share the curse of saddle bags, no matter how thin we are or how little we weigh. So we thought this might help. I will also caution you that it is expensive and not covered by insurance. Since I am getting married in a year (OMG I’m still not used to that, I’m getting married!) Momzilla offered to pay for it for me.

So I arrived at the office for my appointment. They only have one machine and Momzilla was still on it, so I went back and sat with her for her last few minutes. It was really weird to watch them remove the machine. Now I am wishing I had taken some pictures but I didn’t think of it at the time. After they massaged Momzilla’s cold spot it was my turn. I pulled on some short shorts and hopped up on the table.

First they marks on my upper, outer thigh to show the where the ends of the machine should touch and where the center should be. I don’t know how to describe the machine. It is hand held with programing buttons and has a hollow portion in it. They put this cool gel cloth over that spot and smooth it out. It is very cold! Then they put the machine up to the marks and hit a button that started the suction. Now they say that this is painless. It is not! They say it feels kinda like a mammogram but I’ve never had one so I don’t know. On a pain scale I would say it was a 7 or an 8. Really, nothing us VSG patients can’t handle. It’s enough to make you go OWWW! Then it stays for a couple of minutes. After that the pain is gone. They prop the machine up on a pillow and help you get into a comfortable position. Then I just sat there and watched TV for an hour while the machine worked it’s magic.

I was amazed by how much this thing managed to suck up into it. I mean I could actually see through the clear portions to see the marks they had made. It is a really weird feeling. The suction is what makes this work so you have to becareful not to break the suction. Meanwhile you just sit there while it cools down the fat that it sucked up. I don’t know how they do that without hurting your skin but it is fine. After the first few minutes of pain and discomfort you don’t’ feel anything. The area is numb. So you don’t really feel how cold it is either.

After your hour the machine massages the area for a couple of minutes. Then the operator releases it and pulls the machine off of your “Stick of Butter” as they call it. It’s an area that was sucked into the machine that is now red and raised and kinda looks like a stick of butter. The operator massages this area for a few minutes and it goes down and back to normal on your leg. You can still see a red area but that’s it. It’s crazy if you touch it with your hand afterwards. That spot is so cold! I have no idea why you don’t feel it. The area does hurt a little when they take off the machine and massage it. It just feels like a bad bruise. The whole thing can cause some bruising too. I have a few bruises. Momzilla has a few more because she bruises more easily. Next the whole thing gets done to the other leg. I would say that I spent about two and a half hours at the doctor’s office. Afterwards I put regular clothes on and went to the grocery store. Just like nothing happened.

The next day I felt a little bruised but not bad. Now I just have to wait and see how my body expels the dead cells. I can’t wait! I really hope it works! I’ll admit that while I had my one side hurting after having the machine removed and they went to do the other leg I was a little nervous. I definitely held my breath when they put the machine on. But at the same time, I kinda want to do it again! I think this has the potential to be addictive like piercings and tattoos. If it works that is. I was thinking about it the next day and wanted to experience it again. It’s a really weird sensation to have your fat sucked up in that machine. I can do it again to a different area. Or if I want to do my outer thighs again, I can in two months. Momzilla is planning to go do her inner thighs next week. I am contemplating my knee fat. I have icky bags of fat on the sides of my knees and I hate them. But I will wait to see if this works before I pay more money for it.

Cross your fingers for me! If anyone has any questions about Cool Sculpting, Feel free to e-mail me!


  1. Any updates on your results and would you recommend?

  2. Sorry, I saw this after I posted on the previous blog where you'd just learned about it. Curious to know what results you saw after about a month or so.

  3. I, too, am curious if this worked? Please update if you can!! Thanks!

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  5. Would be great to see some pictures. :) Lots of women are wanting to undergo this procedure but there's not much reviews out there.

  6. Coolsculpting is a big waste of $$$$. I had 6 areas done with almost no results. The only thing that got flatter was my wallet. Beware and don't wast your time.

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